Water's Edge 2020

Teichert Gallery, AGNS, Halifax NS

When I think about water – oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and ponds – I think of the reflective quality of the water but also the process of reflection. Most of these paintings were done during a period of self- isolation and self- reflection due to the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic. My vantage point in the pieces over time went from looking out across the water from the edge to a focus on the reflective surface and the depths appearing within. Lilies, various water plants, leaves and branches all inhabit the water’s edge and find a place in the work. Movement and surface, texture and colour all became the material of my inner process. My thoughts are that life is not as clearly visible as it might seem at times; surprises, shifts and distortions are everywhere......but beauty abounds consistently.


2020, oil on panel, plaster frame, 13inx11in

Sea Shore

2020, oil on panel, plaster frame, 13inx11in

Dark Tree Reflection

2020, oil on canvas, 60inx24in

Garden Pond

2020, oil on canvas, fabric mat, 24inx24in

Green Water

2020, oil on canvas, 48inx40in


2020, oil on canvas, 20inx20inb

Moody Waters

2018, oil on canvas, 36inx48in

Pink Lily

2020, oil on canvas, 36inx36in

River Depths

2020, oil on canvas, 24inx24in

Sunlit Waters

2020, oil on canvas, 60inx24in

Tidal Pool

2020, oil on canvas, 48inx36in

Waters Edge

2020, oil on canvas, 36inx36in

Winter Stream

2018, oil on canvas, 44inx24in